sway bar end link ?

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sway bar end link ? - 08/05/22 04:43 PM

i'm changing the end links on the front sway bar of my charger.
it's the factory 15/16" bar, and i'm not looking to carve corners or autocross. just basic street driving.
however, what can i expect to happen if the end links are 3/4-1" shorter or longer than stock ?
the reason for asking this question, is i have those end links on hand, and i don't know what application they are for.
as they will fit, i am wondering what affect they will have on the car, using the factory bar.
Thanks In Advance to those way smarter than me, that can guide me in this question. bow
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Re: sway bar end link ? - 08/12/22 01:22 PM

You want the sway bar horizontal at ride height - the sway bar ends swing on an arc that moves away from the LCA with travel, so if you start with the end links on an angle, the angle only increases (at least in one direct, would get better in the other), which reduces sway bar effectiveness and in the most extreme cases can bind.
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Re: sway bar end link ? - 08/12/22 01:29 PM

thanks for reminding me about the bar being level at ride height !
the car is up in the air right now, so i haven't changed out the end links.
thanks to you, i'm glad i didn't ! i can shorten the long links, so i will wait until the car is back on the ground to determine what length of end links i need.
thanks again sir, for rattling my old brain ! up bow
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Re: sway bar end link ? - 08/17/22 06:43 PM

Something you may want to consider... is that the end links will pre-load the corners of the car. The best end link is an adjustable length ... something like a heim-joint setup... that would avoid pre-loading one side vs the other side... I've seen the differences using 4-wheel scales.... and that is done after balancing the car (diagonally) ... searching for the 50% cross balance.

I'm looking at developing such adjustable heim-joint end links that would work with our factory design type of sway bars.

But, instead, you can equalize the end links by using spacer shims at the bushings... of the standard type of end links we are using... then make them tight... equally.

This is kind of like "finite tuning" the suspension... I've done it this way for years in setting up suspensions.
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Re: sway bar end link ? - 08/18/22 03:36 PM

e-burg did an article in the october 2021 issue of Mopar Action magazine using ford pickup ball joint type end links. [RA # K750074.]
these are supposed to fit 72-down A-bodies, 66 1/2-69 B-bodies, and rear bars for E-bodies.
they can also fit other years by shortening them a little.
i may look into these links just out of curiosity.
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Re: sway bar end link ? - 08/18/22 07:08 PM

The article you're referring to was interesting... but it does NOT address the pre-load effect per side of each end-link. The best end links are adjustable, such as heim-joints.

Basically, all it does is suggest a better and more stable end-link vs. our factory design... which is a good alternative.

Also... that awesome and great picture of the Challenger he used... is me (racing at Moparty, Bowling Green, KY, in their first year 2020).
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Re: sway bar end link ? - 08/19/22 05:23 PM

as i don't have scales [or know anyone around here that does] to set corner weights, do you have any suggestions as to the best way to tighten up the end links ?
as my car is just a street cruiser, and an occasional airport drag race event, it really doesn't need to handle like a slot car.
as an aside, way back when i first got this car running [early in 1972], i had bias ply formula one super stock tires on it. F-60 front, L-60 rear.
at that time, it seemed to corner very well, having just the factory front bar and end links.
after the car was brought back out from long term storage, radial tires were installed. 245-60 front, 275-60 rear.
everything else the same, and the cornering of the car fell way off !
i blamed it on the radial tires soft sidewall, compared to the formula one tires.
to get the cornering back to being comparable to before, i would need to go to very large wheels and very short sidewall tires. i don't like that look, so i know the cornering ability won't be very good.
Posted By: Mopar Mitch

Re: sway bar end link ? - 08/19/22 08:13 PM

IF you're simply using the factory style end links, or similar others, just look to see which end is shorter to hook up first... then use same style bushing shims to try to equalize the gap on the longer-needed end-link. They most likely are not the same length.

For your purposes, you'll probably never notice any difference regardless of how you get them hooked up. But, maybe someday you'll want to improve the setup... as I'm suggesting.

I've used scales and can see the differences with how the end links are tightened.
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Re: sway bar end link ? - 08/19/22 08:48 PM

Without scales trying to sort out corner weight is impossible.

Use poly end link bushings for better reaction if you are going to run stock type end links.
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Re: sway bar end link ? - 08/23/22 07:23 PM

If you want to try some preload use left side, tighten until car lowers 1/8"
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