Koni shock ID help

Posted By: mattsmopars

Koni shock ID help - 04/22/21 10:54 PM

So I wanted to ask a question about a pair of Koni shocks and I figure this might be the best place. Does anyone know what part number 80-1423SPA1 are for? All I can see online says Plymouth duster but doesn’t give a year or specs. These appear to be new unused but I was not sure, if it’s normal for them to be in the box fully compressed? It does say they are adjustable so maybe the come like that I just not sure. My brother asked me to try to help figure them out so he can sell them so any help would be great.
Thanks in advance, Matt

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Re: Koni shock ID help - 04/23/21 03:34 PM

for whatever this may be worth, my monroe master catalog lists their same number front shocks fitting all A-bodies 63-76, and most B-bodies from 65-72.
with that being said, i am "guessing" those koni's will physically fit, but i can't say anything about the valving.
just tossing this out there for discussion.
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Re: Koni shock ID help - 04/25/21 02:56 PM

These aren't high pressure gas shocks, so no need for a retaining strap. To adjust them, you push them all the way in and rotate the upper portion until it clicks into place.

They look like standard front shocks for most A,B,E bodies mid 60s to mid 70s. The bayonet top and eye bottom is typical for the majority of these.
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Re: Koni shock ID help - 04/25/21 10:24 PM

Thank you guys for the help. If any one else has some please feel free to chime in.
Posted By: cudazappa

Re: Koni shock ID help - 04/26/21 02:34 PM

adjustable A-body Front Drag Shocks:
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