Bent strut rod

Posted By: MoJoe

Bent strut rod - 02/20/18 03:25 PM

I have a pretty badly bent strut rod...Can these be straightened?
Posted By: jcc

Re: Bent strut rod - 02/20/18 06:26 PM

Yes, assuming no metal damage, and any length change does effect alignment to a degree. Strut in normal use is loaded in tension.
This a tow truck driver aggressive/lazy tie down issue?
Posted By: 67R/T4speeder

Re: Bent strut rod - 02/20/18 09:14 PM

I just took these out of a car yesterday, I think I will replace them and the control arm. The old ones will be punch material.

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Posted By: krautrock

Re: Bent strut rod - 02/20/18 09:58 PM

yeah, i wouldn't bother with any of that stuff. it looks like one control arm might be straight.

how does the k-member look where the strut rod bushing sits???
Posted By: MoJoe

Re: Bent strut rod - 02/21/18 01:59 AM

That is some beat up stuff. Mine is really not so bad then... a little on one end. I was wondering how it would bend...some tow truck driver!
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