WIW 70 Barracuda grille

Posted By: Finoke

WIW 70 Barracuda grille - 06/22/22 11:44 PM

What’s a fair price to ask for a 1970 barracuda grille with parking lights and headlight surrounds? Grille is straight with no cracks. Are originals worth more or less than repops? I was thinking of selling it to someone that will be at carlisle to avoid shipping. One of the headlight surrounds has the mounting tab broke. It can be seen in the picture.

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Posted By: BloFish

Re: WIW 70 Barracuda grille - 06/23/22 04:30 AM

Originals are definitely worth more if condition is equal.
Posted By: fastmark

Re: WIW 70 Barracuda grille - 06/23/22 10:49 AM

When Mike Ross was selling his BEand A reproductions for 1300, the price of oem grills went way down. Now that he is not sell his quality piece anymore, the price has come back up slightly. If yours has good chrome with it, it might fetch $1000. Every is going up and the new repos need paint and are not as good as Mike’s . Heck I paid $800 for a new 30 gal water heater yesterday. This inflation and epa regs are killing this country.
Posted By: Finoke

Re: WIW 70 Barracuda grille - 06/23/22 03:16 PM

Good points, thanks Guys, I will probably keep it because of the inflation comment. I'm sure I will be using it at some point in the future years.
Posted By: 1972CudaV21

Re: WIW 70 Barracuda grille - 06/23/22 06:26 PM

IMO, originals are worth more.
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