'70 Challenger

Posted By: oldjonny

'70 Challenger - 10/01/19 08:45 PM

I guess I don't follow these enough...but, it seems like a lot of money for a 318 car?
Posted By: larrymopar360

Re: '70 Challenger - 10/01/19 09:22 PM

I think you're correct, overpriced. MAYBE just MAYBE would get close to that on a convertible.
Posted By: topside

Re: '70 Challenger - 10/01/19 10:49 PM

Almost certain that car was for sale a few months ago, and that it sold.
Might be the new owner, or the sale fell through.
The original ad listed a lot of expensive and complete restoration work as I remember.
Beautiful car, but I'd sure want to know the story of the last few months.
Posted By: mopar346

Re: '70 Challenger - 10/02/19 12:05 AM

But it has a numbers matching K member and that's pretty rare.
Posted By: TJP

Re: '70 Challenger - 10/02/19 12:17 AM

Is it my imagination or are the R side headlights / fender angled downward in pic #6 shruggy beer
Posted By: rocksmopar

Re: '70 Challenger - 10/02/19 11:38 AM

This car has been advertised multiple times at the same price....

No takers
Posted By: chargervert

Re: '70 Challenger - 10/02/19 01:24 PM

That's near R/T money for a 318 car.
Posted By: jeff968

Re: '70 Challenger - 10/02/19 02:48 PM

And the Challenger deck lid emblem is on the left side of the trunk lid!!!
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