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Vehicles For Sale - Classic/Streetrods - 3rd Quarter - 01/02/22 01:30 AM

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1959 Desoto Firedome Hemi 5.7L - 03/17/22 08:51 PM

1959 Desoto Firedome - $12500

4-door sedan modified during full restoration 15 years ago to make it a removable hardtop which attaches with a few nuts and bolts. Easy to remove or reinstall top in a few minutes. They never made a 4-door convertible and the 2-door convertibles are very rare, going for over $100k. Upgraded 4-wheel disc brakes. Appx 5k miles since restoration; it's daily driver condition, not perfect. Drove and stopped great.

Currently partially disassembled for engine swap. I have the 383 and 3-speed auto removed (sold and gone), and have mounted a 2019 5.7L hemi (under 1000 miles) with modern 5-speed auto. I have the PCM, wiring, pedal, full 2.5" stainless exhaust to finish project, just no time. It will be a 400+ hp 20mpg daily driver when done.
Very little rust under body, paint is fairly good. Only light surface rust on frame/suspension.
Comes with all swap parts I've collected; some additional details will be needed when finishing swap. Finishing it won't be an afternoon job. Wiring needs installed, radiator hoses, shift linkage etc needs to be done.
Body is bolted back on frame, engine and trans mounted. Rolls for easy transport.

No I cannot finish it before you buy it. I have no time unfortunately.


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