Posted By: Magnumguy

CARLISLE 2023 - 07/14/22 06:32 PM

Greetings members. I understand next year that Carlisle is featuring "Malaise" era cars.

I have several cars that would qualify, but all mine are non-restored, and it's a hard trip over the mountains of WVa, Maryland and such.

Wondering, would anyone be going next year, ( I realize that's a year from now ) could anyone be heading east who could haul my car over there to the show?
I'd drive it home, but just need a way to get it over there. I'm close to I-77, not as close to I-70. I could maybe even meet transport along the way .

Just thinking ahead.
Posted By: Rhinodart

Re: CARLISLE 2023 - 07/20/22 01:10 AM

I will never miss a Carlisle, and went empty this year as I had to pickup a car in DC for the drive home. Bill, if you want me to take it next year, let me know... wave
Posted By: Magnumguy

Re: CARLISLE 2023 - 07/20/22 11:57 PM

That'd be cool. We'll be in touch for sure.
Posted By: Magnumguy

Re: CARLISLE 2023 - 07/23/22 01:50 PM

My cars are getting old, survivors, and I like it that way, but the direction I drive makes even newer vehicles give in.

We'll be in touch for sure.

Oh, the black/silver car, runs now like a top, idle screw was missing, 4 plug wires crossed and the dizzy was 180ยด out. That was all
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