Mike Chenoweth contact?

Posted By: KOS

Mike Chenoweth contact? - 05/26/22 10:22 PM

would anybody have contact info for him?I have a motor done by him trying to get some info.thx
Posted By: 340Cuda

Re: Mike Chenoweth contact? - 05/27/22 03:17 PM

Chenoweth Speed & Machine
368 Erie Ave, Morton, IL, 61550
(309) 266-8084

I really don't know if they are in business anymore or not...
Posted By: KOS

Re: Mike Chenoweth contact? - 05/27/22 03:42 PM

that number is disconnected.....thx for the response I appreciate it.Nick
Posted By: AndyF

Re: Mike Chenoweth contact? - 05/28/22 04:15 AM

Been a long time, I think they folded the business back in the 2008 recession. Last I heard his father retired and Mike got a day job. But it has been at least 10 years since I talked to them so my memory could be off.
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