BAM lifter mod

Posted By: mopar dave

BAM lifter mod - 04/16/22 01:09 PM

Bought a set of BAM solid roller lifters with the steel bearing. These are oil thru w/pushrod oiling. Assembled the valve train and primed the oil pump with my cordless drill. I have oil at the lifter, but not up the pushrod to the rocker. I called BAM and the gentleman tells me i have to make a mod to the lifter if this happens. Seems, if the lifter bore to lifter clearance is on the minimum, you may have to perform this mod. There is a couple oil holes in the side of the lifter on the machined surface that need to be connected. I think i can do this with a dremel and a small cutting wheel. You just have to make a very shallow groove he tells me, not much more than a scratch. Anyone here every have to do this?
Posted By: mopar dave

Re: BAM lifter mod - 04/16/22 01:12 PM


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Posted By: sr4440

Re: BAM lifter mod - 04/16/22 02:56 PM

Let us know if this fixed your issue.

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Re: BAM lifter mod - 04/16/22 05:21 PM

Will do. Ran out of time for the car for now, but will get this done asap.
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Re: BAM lifter mod - 04/16/22 11:06 PM

Hi Dave, had this same problem on a big block Ford 30 years ago. only make a very fine scratch or it will flood the rocker gear. Rob.
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Re: BAM lifter mod - 04/17/22 12:04 AM

I work in a small race engine shop, assembling (mostly bowtie) engines. This modification is needed on them. Dart says to cut them .020", but as stated above, that much will flood the rockers. A scratch that you can hang your finger nail in is enough. The results will surprise you.

Posted By: mopar dave

Re: BAM lifter mod - 04/17/22 12:20 AM

Ok I will be easy with the dremel. Thanks
Posted By: mopar dave

Re: BAM lifter mod - 04/25/22 12:51 AM

I cut the grooves needed for oil to flow thru and yeah, make them small/shallow. I cut them as much as shown in the pic and its more than enough oil. I dont think its anymore than my flat tappets oiled thou, but if i did it again i would make them much shallower.
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Re: BAM lifter mod - 04/25/22 11:26 AM

I just cut my Isky's. Been running them 9 years. But this year we tightened up the lifter bore bushings. I didn't like the oil flow with the reduced clearance. Especially the intakes as the pushrod oil feed hole is offset and never lines up with the bushing orifice. I made the notch deep like .020". Is it to big? My theory is the restriction before was the pushrods. They are restricted with roll pins as the inner diameter was .107" This has worked for years. Well see soon.
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Re: BAM lifter mod - 04/25/22 12:09 PM

You will just have to prime it up and see what you have flowing. My eyesight is not what it used to be and i could not see clearly how deep i was cutting. I may have to install restrictors in the pushrods. I dont think so, but will see.
Posted By: TRENDZ

Re: BAM lifter mod - 04/25/22 04:30 PM

I realize the job is already done, but for anyone needing to do this in the future, I would suggest using a lathe to broach a scratch from hole to hole. Much more consistent/ controllable. Just lock the chuck, and turn the cutting bit 90°.
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