Charlie's Oil Pan

Posted By: cudatom

Charlie's Oil Pan - 01/20/20 07:46 PM

I have a Charlie's BB oil pan. This is the 10qt pan with the tube for the center link. It is my understanding that this will not wk in an Abody. Is this correct?

Thank you for the help.
Posted By: a493demon

Re: Charlie's Oil Pan - 01/20/20 08:08 PM

Pretty sure it has to be for th63-65 b body pan to work in a A body
Posted By: cudatom

Re: Charlie's Oil Pan - 01/20/20 08:26 PM

Thank you. It fit my Ebody and a friends 69 Bbody. Have a person interested in the pan and I don't want to misrepresent that it will wk if it won't.
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