Dan (Dram) Performance Only

Posted By: pittsburghracer

Dan (Dram) Performance Only - 01/15/20 10:21 PM

I couldn’t help but to think of Dan today while digging out parts for my next 408 build. He ran a special (group buy) years ago on some K1 Chevy journal 4 inch stroker cranks. I ordered two of them and will now finally be putting the second one to use. I think I still have one more new sets of Diamond pistons I bought at the same time. The Calais crank he ordered for me is now sitting in my 572 in my heads up car that hopefully will hit the track this year. If he was still here today he would still get a laugh about that. He tried his hardest to talk me into ordering that crank with a Chevy journal but I had a set of Crower Billet rods I wanted to use and they were Mopar sized. Well when I went to put the short block together the old school rod bolts hit the damn cam. Lol. I ordered a set of 440source rods rebalanced it, and ran it like that till I wrecked in 2010. Finally two years ago I had a local shop cut it down to Chevy sized rods so I could use my 7.150 aluminum rods. Miss you Dan and I miss the tech you added to Moparts

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Posted By: J_BODY

Re: Dan (Dram) Performance Only - 01/16/20 12:57 AM

The Molnar crank and rods in my W8 mill came from Dan also.... another great contact I met via this forum.
Posted By: dOc - 3.0 !

Re: Dan (Dram) Performance Only - 01/16/20 01:45 AM

dHam was the mAn .... I remember our TQ vs Berri carb verbal jousts !
Posted By: Bigcube

Re: Dan (Dram) Performance Only - 01/16/20 03:18 AM

Dan did a lot of special machining for me years ago when I built a big motor.RIP! Great man.
Posted By: justinp61

Re: Dan (Dram) Performance Only - 01/16/20 06:18 AM

I bought the crank along with the rods and pistons that were in my 408 when Dan had the group buy on the cranks. He was a good guy and I miss his posts. RIP Dan.
Posted By: an8sec70cuda

Re: Dan (Dram) Performance Only - 01/16/20 01:12 PM

It's funny you bring this up b/c just this past Saturday I was out in the shop looking through some stuff and opened up a box of new Molnar rods I got from him years ago and he had hand written everything he'd done to them, said they were ready to bolt in, and drew a smiley face on the box, lol. Dan was one of the good ones. up
Posted By: 440Jim

Re: Dan (Dram) Performance Only - 01/16/20 01:44 PM

I bought a Callies 4.25" BB crank from Dan years ago. A good decision.
And a set of connecting rods through him also.
And I bought a set of custom Diamond pistons (4.500" bore) with his help writing the specs, and through his company.
Posted By: Bad340fish

Re: Dan (Dram) Performance Only - 01/16/20 02:25 PM

It wasn't too long ago me and another Local member were talking about him. I never did any business with him but I enjoyed his posts and feedback on here.
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