97-2002 Dakota & Durango 4wd torsion bar info

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97-2002 Dakota & Durango 4wd torsion bar info - 11/22/21 07:37 PM

It seems there isn't much info concerning the torsion bars on the Dakota and the Durango t bars available anywhere.

I'm using a 91-96 Dakota 4x4 chassis under a 49 Dodge pickup and I have the V8 bars rated at 2,000 lbs, but they don't seem to have the weight capacity I need, and for what I've read, those are as HD as that gen Dakota bars come in.

From what I've read, it seems the 98-2002 Durango uses the same torsion bars as the 97-2002 Dakota trucks use, but the Durango bars have a higher weight capacity and are suppose to be interchangeable with the Dakota bars of the same time frame. There is no place where I can find any dimensions of any 97-2002 Dakota/Durango T bars.
I'm hoping maybe someone can give me the measurements from a 98-2002 Durango torsion bars. I'm particularly interested in the V8 torsion bars (4.7 or 5.9 gas). I'm looking for the sizes of the hex head on both ends, the length of the bars, and the diameter of the bar through the center. A weight capacity would be a huge plus. If anyone has changed the bars between the 91-96 Dakota and the 97-2002 Dakota and the 98-2002 Durango, that would be great info as well.

So, to be fair, Here are the measurements for the 91-96 Dakota V8 bars:
Front hex measurements across the flats on the hex: 1. 50"
Rear hex measurement across the flats on the hex: 1. 50"
Length of the bar is: 50.00"
The diameter of the bars is: 1.125"
Weight capacity for the V8 bars is: 2,000 lbs.

There is a light duty torsion bar for the 91-96 Dakota 4 cylinder & V6 The V6 bars are interchangeable with the V8 bars on the 91-96 Dakotas.
Front hex 1.50"
Rear hex 1.50"
Length 50".00"
Diameter (from reading): .960
Weight capacity 1400 lbs

Thank you for any help. Gene
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Re: 97-2002 Dakota & Durango 4wd torsion bar info - 12/18/21 12:05 AM

So, anyone following along here, today I had a chance to measure a torsion bar from an 05 Durango (the one I measured had a 5.7 motor).

The hex heads are 1.5" across, and the length is 50". I did not measure the diameter, but it is noticeably larger then the 2,000lbs torsion bar out of my 96 Dakota. The Durango bar was still in the Durango, so I can not tell if the hex heads are on the same orientation, but I would really be surprised if they were different.

So, for what ever its worth, the 91 -96 Dakota torsion bars have the same hex size and the same length as the torsion bars from a 2005 Durango.

This is important because some sales outlets say the 04-09 Durango bars are still available new. I haven't seen any distinction between T bars for the 04-09 Durango 3.7 V6, the 4.7 or the 5.7 V8. All the outlets I've seen only list a right side bar or a left side bar. At any rate, the 04-09 Durango bars are readily available in salvage yards and are less expensive then the 91-96 Dakota bars (that are getting harder to find) are.

If anyone has a problem with the 91-96 Dakota drooping in the front, the heavier 2004 -2009 Durango bars have the same measurements and should fit. I would also suspect the bars from the 1997-2003 are probably the same.

I will be updating this after New Years. I am going to get a set of the 04-09 Durango bars and install them in my 96 Dakota 4x4 after that. Gene
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Re: 97-2002 Dakota & Durango 4wd torsion bar info - 12/18/21 12:08 AM

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Re: 97-2002 Dakota & Durango 4wd torsion bar info - 01/04/22 02:07 AM

Following! Might do the same thing to a 93 I am putting back together. popcorn
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Re: 97-2002 Dakota & Durango 4wd torsion bar info - 01/05/22 01:01 AM

I ran into a couple of delays, I needed to replace the front rotors (one was warped) and replace the radiator, the plastic tank decided to start leaking where it attached to the aluminum core.
Maybe next month on the torsion bars. Gene
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