Front suspension rebuild kits

Posted By: Dingmaster

Front suspension rebuild kits - 04/08/16 09:00 PM

Was looking for A front end rebuild kit for a 71 Cuda' that would look close to OE.
Who is your prefered vendor for front end kits?
I've here the moog parts have been a problem lately.
Posted By: DaveRS23

Re: Front suspension rebuild kits - 04/08/16 11:41 PM

Some of the Moog stuff seems to still be made here in the U.S. I would start with Moog pieces and keep the ones that are U.S. made and return the ones that are made somewhere else. A few guys have had good luck with the NAPA premium lines although I haven't tried them myself.

I use Rockauto for a lot of things, but have gotten a mix of styles of Moog parts from them so I use the local auto supplies for Moog now. They can have the parts the next day, there is no shipping, if I don't like it, they can send it back no problem. And they will match Rockauto prices. No more Rockauto for Moog for me.
Posted By: 65pacecar

Re: Front suspension rebuild kits - 04/09/16 01:09 AM

I just ordered a everything Moog for the Plymouth from Rock Auto and it was all made in USA. I was surprised that Amy of it was. Got lucky on that.
Posted By: 69Chrgr

Re: Front suspension rebuild kits - 04/09/16 03:57 AM

I bought the a.c. Delco professional series lower ball joints on rock auto and they were nice pieces
Posted By: 340cpe

Re: Front suspension rebuild kits - 04/10/16 03:28 AM

Just received a front end kit from Bill Rolik. Very Very nice. He did not have the lower ball joints at the time I placed the order so I went to Napa and bought their premium line and they were very nice also. Bill may now have lowers but not sure, it would be best to contact him,
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