Mopar Wheels / Tires For Sale - 4th Quarter

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Mopar Wheels / Tires For Sale - 4th Quarter - 10/01/21 03:23 PM

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'69-'70 Plymouth caps - 10/01/21 04:12 PM

Plymouth Division hub caps $200/set or trade for '68 ?
Add for shipping
PM here, or email

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Re: Mopar Wheels / Tires For Sale - 4th Quarter - 10/01/21 05:30 PM

I have two 14" x 4 1/2" sbp steel wheels. $25 each or $40 for the pair.

gt340 at

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Re: Mopar Wheels / Tires For Sale - 4th Quarter - 10/02/21 12:53 AM

Set of 4 rally wheels. These are 14" x 5.5" with a 4.5" (large) bolt pattern. Wheels are straight with no curb rash. All lug holes good. Need to be painted. Asking $100. Contact Bud: Kramden426 at

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Re: Mopar Wheels / Tires For Sale - 4th Quarter - 10/03/21 09:48 PM

New Wheel Vintiques 15 x 6 chrome magnum 500 wheel. Never used. Has a very slight flat spot on the lip. Great for spare $60 plus shipping. Call 440-864-7252

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Re: Mopar Wheels / Tires For Sale - 4th Quarter - 10/04/21 12:25 AM

I'm going a different direction with my 1968 Charger. I'm selling my set of American Racing Vector Special Edition wheels. The wheels were re-released in 2005 to coincide with the Dukes of Hazzard movie and have "DOH01" cast into the edge of the inside / inner wheel. At the time the wheels were almost impossible to find & I could only find a set made in GM bolt pattern. The wheels are 15" in diameter & 8.5" wide. As you can see in the pics - my wheel / tire combo fit perfectly! If you are looking to duplicate my exact wheel combo: I used BFG 275/60R15 tires on the rear and BFG 245/60R15 tires on the front.

I'm also including the billet front wheel spacers / bolt adapters that I used to mount the front wheels. (I drilled the GM bolt pattern into my rear brake drums to make the back wheels work.) It was actually pretty easy to put the GM wheels on my Charger. My rear axles are Moser (they come with the option to screw the wheel studs in the Mopar or GM bolt pattern). The wide front wheels required the 1" spacer to prevent the tire from rubbing the inner fender at full lock.

I will sell the whole setup (4 wheels, center caps, and billet spacer / adapters) for $450. I live East of Cleveland, Ohio & would prefer to have the seller pick up. The buyer pays for shipping if they want to go that route.

You can reach me by email at or text (440) 668-6490. Leave a v/m if you call - I will call you back when I get off shift. Thanks for looking.

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Ram 1500 Wheel - 10/04/21 04:38 PM

1996 to 2001 Ram 1500 aluminum wheel
5EK53PAKAC casting
Option code WND
$80 plus ship

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Posted By: Mopar Mitch


I am selling my like-new VINTAGE WHEEL WORKS 16" x 8" MINI-LITE RIMS (V48 series).

5 RIMS TOTAL; comes with ONE NEW never used BFG G-FORCE COMP-2 TIRE, size 255-50-16 (used as a trunk spare). This is a perfect set-up and sized tire for these rims, as well as for our cars for cruising or road course track events.

Backspacing is 4-1/2" which is a perfect fit for our B- and E-bodies... you should likely NOT have to modify your fenders or lips as the wheel will retain the factory center of the fender well with this back-spacing.

Bolt pattern is 5-4.5"; uses common tapered 60 degree lug nuts in 1/2" diameter.

Comes with 6 center caps.

No dents or scratches... nearly perfect like new condition!

I prefer not to ship, so, please plan to pick-up, or else, I can drive partial way to meet with you, perhaps no more than a 250 mile radius from Chicago (about 3-4 hours driving). Exception would be driving to north-western St. Louis area (from Chicago) as I have relatives there.

Value new at over $1600. SELLING PRICE: Asking $1,000.

If interested, please send PM, e-mail at MLELITO@COMCAST.NET, or text me at 847-682-0807

T/Anks ahead!

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Goodyear Polyglas Tires - New - 10/09/21 03:39 PM

For sale is a set (4) of brand new reproduction Goodyear Polyglas tires E70-14. Tires were purchased earlier this season and no longer required. The tires are still wrapped in the plastic from the manufacturer.

Location: Metro Detroit

Price: $260/Tire

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NOS Goodyear Tires - 10/13/21 01:52 AM

NOS 4 Goodyear tire
E70 14
600.00 Or best offer
local pick up would be nice

NOW 500.00

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1971 Small Bolt Rally wheels - 10/14/21 02:20 AM


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sold - 10/14/21 02:53 PM

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14" x 5.5" Steel Wheel - 12-4-1968 - 10/16/21 09:54 PM

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Re: Mopar Wheels / Tires For Sale - 4th Quarter - 10/20/21 05:11 PM

slightly used well taken care of Jegs SSR Mag wheel.

15x4 with 5 on 4.5 hole pattern.

the tires do not come with rims

Looking for $90 each plus shipping or best offer. New they are $140 each

PM me here on Moparts

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14" x 5.0" Steel Wheel Set(4) - Date: 9-5-1967 - 10/20/21 09:34 PM

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16 slot Wheel domes & Caps. ( N(CE) - 4th Quarter - 11/06/21 03:07 AM

May try and get some pictures, IThese are for the Chrome Wheels used on 14 and 15 inch Wheels, These are for the years from about 75 or so and up. I know these are not for a 74 Plymouth. These were on New Yorkers and other models up till about 1978.
I have the part numbers, just ask.
First off I have a set of the Domes. The domes and the actual cap are two different parts.
I have a set of 4 DOMES removed from my previous 8,000 mile New Yorker many years ago. They look New except one has a small area that looks like a factory blemish. It is a spot on edge where cannot be seen? when installed, looks to be the diameter of pencil eraser that is silver. Perhaps a spot where the chrome did not stick, and painted.
Set of 4 domes $ 180.00 Plus 20.00 t0mship. These look like new. New ones when you can find them are about 100 each.

Second I have TWO domes WITH center caps installed. These are ABOVE driver qualith and look almost new. May have a scrape around inside of lug hole and not seen when installed.
These @ domes and caps are 100.00 and 20 shipping.
PM Me for more info. [img]http://[/img]
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Re: Mopar Wheels / Tires For Sale - 4th Quarter - 11/11/21 01:19 PM

Set of four Goodyear G60-15 polyglas tires (two shown in each picture). These are a set of reproduction polyglas tires that are approximately 15 years old. These fit 15x7 mopar rallye wheels really well or can be used on others. They have plenty of tread depth, hold air, and drive fine, and have always been in a heated garage. One tire has some minor damage to the bead area as shown in the picture.

SOLD!! Thanks Moparts.

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SOLD SOLD SOLD!!, Set Of Four 15x6 Steel Mopar Wheels - 11/14/21 01:47 AM


For sale WERE a set of four 15x6 steel Mopar wheels, they came off our burnt orange 1970 Fury III "The Great Pumpkin". They were powder coated black by the previous owner of the car, he powder coated them intending to put the original hubcaps from the car back on over these rims but after the rims came back from the coating shop his plans changed. The Firestone Destination 235 70 R15 tires are like new, they are mounted black wall but do have white letters on the other side. We are asking $550.00, pick up ONLY in Berlin CT. Please PM me here if interested, thank you for looking and for your interest! SOLD SOLD SOLD!!

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Re: Mopar Wheels / Tires For Sale - 4th Quarter - 11/14/21 01:59 PM

SOLD!!!!! This is as nice a set of used ETs you will find with caps/washers/lugs, in a 14x6.75 inch application. They are in excellent condition and will be hard pressed to find a better set! Look near new! One cap will not stay on, but could be made too if wanted or find another? $400 plus shipping.

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Re: Mopar Wheels / Tires For Sale - 4th Quarter - 11/15/21 12:38 AM

Set of 4 Dodge dog dish hub caps. These are in very good condition-no dents or dings. Paint is good. Could use a little polishing but very nice as is. Asking $75 for the set. Contact Bud: Kramden426 at Sold!

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Re: Mopar Wheels / Tires For Sale - 4th Quarter - 11/18/21 10:54 AM

4- 14 inch big bolt pattern . 50$ For all. Will ship at buyers expense. Please pm me

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Drag slick inner tube - 11/24/21 11:01 PM

I have 1 Firestone Drag Racing D5025 inner tube, new in unopened box, fits following sizes of drag slicks:
10.5 x 28.5 - 15
10.5 x 30.5 - 15
11.5 x 29.5 - 15
10.5 x 29.5 - 15
11.5 x 28.5 - 15
11.5 x 29.5 - 15
Sold to me for my 13 x 31 - 15, supposed to fit that size as well.
Has always been stored in climate-controlled garage.
#s on box are 7A-511-J7-E11 and 534-285, valve TR218NRB.
Jeg's & Summit prices are $70-$80 + shipping, how about $35 + $25 shipping (too big for USPS PM box) = $60 to your door in the US ?
PayPal or MO OK.
PM me here or email
Posted By: furious70

Re: Drag slick inner tube - 11/26/21 03:32 PM

pair of 15x6.5" rallyes part number 3699066

$200 obo + shipping or pickup in 60133 or 52205

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Re: American Racing Center Caps - 11/28/21 05:51 PM

These are the tall plastic center caps for American Racing Torque-thrust and Torque-thrust D wheels. They include the metallic logo sticker and hex screws and are almost flawless. They sell new for $20 each plus the stickers. Get all four including screws for $50 plus shipping from Montana. Again - they are in excellent condition with no pitting at all.

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Posted By: SomeCarGuy

Re: American Racing Center Caps - 11/30/21 05:03 AM

4 vintage Firestone Redline Wide Ovals


These have great tread, look minimally worn. Took off a car they seemed to have been on for decades. Great for a show car, not suitable for much driving, if at all. The pic with the mounted tire shows you the difference between these and the redline radials that are available. The radials look drastically different.

Pickup in Cincinnati area

375.00 OBO

Send PM
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1969 "Plymouth Division" 14" inch Sport Wheel Cover - 12/02/21 10:56 PM

Item: 1969 "Plymouth Division" 14" inch Sport Wheel Cover Pair
Price: $40 plus shipping

Two for sale as shown, 1969 "Plymouth Division" 14" inch Sport Wheel Covers. Black center cap area for B-Body applications. One is in great shape and the other has a dent on the rim. See pics below...
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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Set of 4 Mopar Chrome Slot Rims 15x8, 5x4.5 (Sold!) - 12/04/21 12:39 AM

I have a set of 4 1970's Mopar chrome slot rims / wheels 15x8, 5x4.5 big bolt pattern.

These are in used condition with rust and wear on each rim.

They could stand to be re-chromed, powder coated or used as is.

Rims are located in Solon, Iowa.

Would prefer pick up but would consider shipping, buyer will need to pay shipping cost.

If you need to see more photos, please contact me at

Sold! Thank you for the add Moparts smile

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1 Mopar Chrome Slot Rim 15x8 5x4.5 (Sale Pending) - 12/04/21 12:58 AM

I am selling off one Mopar 15x8 5x4.5 Big Bolt pattern chrome slot rim.

In very nice shape, does have some minor rusting around the valve step.

Asking $175 (Sale Pending)

Rim is located in Solon, Iowa.

Would prefer pick up but would consider shipping, buyer will need to pay shipping cost.

If you need to see more photos, please contact me at

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Re: Mopar Wheels / Tires For Sale - 4th Quarter - 12/05/21 05:13 PM

One set of four chrome wheels (with center caps) for 2001 & 2002 Chrysler PT Cruisers. The wheels for the most part are in structurally great shape with some chrome flaking/pealing mainly on one of the wheels.

The wheels are 16" x 6" x 100mm bolt pattern.

They will fit other years of course but are designed for the 2001 & 2002 year models.

Located in Louisville, KY.

$200.00 for all. Will Ship If Needed ??? They are relatively light so, I do not expect the shipping to be too out of line ...

If interested, please PM me.

Thank You For The Interest ...

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Re: Mopar Wheels / Tires For Sale - 4th Quarter - 12/07/21 01:09 AM

15" x 7" Rallye Rim Wheel

1 - Original, Large Bolt Pattern, 7" Rim.
Part Number 3580071.
Asking $250 plus shipping.
If interested, please send email to:

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NEW - GoodYear Polyglas GT F60-15 RWL ES - 12/12/21 09:22 PM

Brand new, still wrapped in shipping wrap from factory.

Never touched, stored for last year in climate controlled storage facility.
The project I purchased them for is on a LONG hold .... :-(

Anyways - I can send pictures of the four tires all wrapped in factory wrapping if you need.

Located in Tallahassee FL

$1800.00 plus the ride.
these will ship the same way I received them - in factory wrapping and sent individually (a pair wrapped together).

Thanks - Bill

*** Please PM or email: or call 850 567 2994 cell

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Re: Mopar Wheels / Tires For Sale - 4th Quarter - 12/14/21 07:34 PM

Set of four 15x7 ralley rims, 2944390, heavily pitted. Date coded 12-29-70. $700/set of 4

Pics available upon request. All prices plus shipping.

Thanks for the free ad!

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