Shifter I'd

Posted By: 71ragtop

Shifter I'd - 01/19/20 10:34 PM

Can anyone identify these shifters?

Attached picture 15794731283842928334207109643749.jpg
Attached picture 15794731741619075678073877902145.jpg
Attached picture 1579473199832566268022352504639.jpg
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Posted By: RTSrunner

Re: Shifter I'd - 01/20/20 07:23 AM

Are there numbers on the reverse levers? I think that will help you ID them
Posted By: Cab_Burge

Re: Shifter I'd - 01/20/20 07:38 AM

They both look like Hurst brand for Mopar factory shifters found on the later NP833 O.D. trannies but I have not seen one made by Hurst that wasn't stamped with Hurst on the side of them confused shruggy
Posted By: rarefish

Re: Shifter I'd - 01/20/20 03:01 PM

The top shifter in the second picture down looks like the 7180 Hurst shifter.
7180 should be stamped on the reverse lever.
They were used in the 1970-71 E-bodies and the early 71 B-bodies that had buckets.
Posted By: 71ragtop

Re: Shifter I'd - 01/20/20 03:54 PM

One has 2512 on the reverse lever and one has 7180 I also have one with a 6358 any idea what that's for? Thanks for your help.
Posted By: John_Kunkel

Re: Shifter I'd - 01/20/20 06:17 PM

2336= '64-'65 A & B Body

6353= '68-'69 B Body,'68-up A body, '76-'80 F-body and truck/van with OD

7174= '70 only B Body

7180= '70-'74 E Body and '71-up B Body
Posted By: RTSrunner

Re: Shifter I'd - 01/21/20 12:42 AM

Great list John! up
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