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We haven’t seen an update in about a year. How are things going for you during the pandemic?

Do you have any lead times for getting work completed? In addition, can you provide a list of services that are available?


Thank you for your post and appreciate the concern. I will try to keep this short. The 2020 year for me can be summed up in one word. Overwhelming. I just took a look at the last date of my posting which was 1.4.20. I have had no issues with Covid 19.

Well, the very next day, I got hit with a heart attack on Sunday night. I didn’t know what happened, but I was lying in bed watching TV and felt like I was hit in my upper chest by a 300 pound defensive lineman. I needed emergency surgery that night and two weeks later needed a scheduled second surgery since there would have been too much to endure at one time. The Cardiologist had the chat after my first surgery with my wife and son to give a prognosis and one of his sentences were, (and I quote) “Jim’s one lucky bast*#%d!" LOL!!! It’s true.

Through 2020, I only concentrated on completing in house orders. Fast forward to now. I am back to work, by myself of course. I can not give a lead time for getting work done. Each order request is always different. The best way to develop a time line is with some negation of the client’s request and my work load.

I have prepared a JSR Scope of Services PDF document that I would typically send out via email to client requests. I should have posted this a long time ago. Hopefully, this list will help you and others on what services are available. I will try to post this next.

Hi Jim,

Glad io hear that things are better for you. Wishing you a successful 2021 & thank you for listing your services!

Thanks again for asking!


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