I just received the Nov 2018 issue of Car Craft Magazine. Not only did they feature Rich Brown's awesome SB Duster in the HORSEPOWER! spread but they also featured the new Innovate Motorsports ECB-1 (part# 3906) 4 in 1 gauge. Thank you Jeff Smith (he wrote the article)!! This gauge features:

1) A/F (or Lambda)
2) 4-bar MAP
3) % Ethanol
4) Fuel temp

Wow - All that in a single 2-1/16" gauge! I knew about the GM style sensor for % ethanol but didn't catch the fact that the sensor also measures fuel temp. After reading about many EFI cars having trouble with the return line heating the fuel in the tank, a fuel temp gauge is now on my must have list. Getting all this data out of one gauge is fantastic. The new engine on the stand is EFI, the FAST XFI ECU collects most of this info but the digital dashboard is a pricey add-on that I haven't purchased yet. And I haven't made the leap to EFI just yet as I'm trying to put together my 50 PSI fuel system. But I can run this gauge with my current non-EFI setup and get some good baseline info.

It is pretty expensive at the ~$400 street price mentioned in the article. Innovate is running a $50 rebate promotion with part# 3906 on the qualifies list. The fine print on the rebate says you must buy from an "authorized reseller". Promotion ends on Oct 31. If you search on eBay, you can find this part (new) for a little under $350 ... but there is one authorized seller listed there with the part for just north of $350 and buying from them should get you the $50 off manufacturer's rebate. I reached for my CC and pulled the trigger. I was hoping that eBay would sent me a 10 or 15% off coupon so I could get the gauge for under $300 but all those offers have expired (I'll probably get one in my email tomorrow). Anybody else think they might be interested in this gauge? My view of Innovate is that they make good products.

The other very interesting article is the "LT Engine Swap Shop" (Pg 36 by Jefferson Bryant). No - I'm not changing brands but my Ram EcoDiesel headaches are making me think twice for my new stuff ... but that's another story. I have been very interested in PWM fuel pump controllers that sense pressure at the fuel rail and then drive the fuel pump just enough to maintain pressure and feed the engine (no return - no tank fuel heating). I'll continue on this in another thread ...

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