What do I have here,???.
I have been accumulating "A-Body" front suspension parts for two Early A bodies, to do the disc brake swap, and convert to the large bolt pattern wheels.
Some where along, I was "took" on the two larger control arms. The ones in the center of pic are LBJ, A-Body. The other two i'm not sure what they are.
The tubular arms are Firm Feel. They measure from outside of bushing to outside of bushing 11 1/2 inches. Inside of bushings to inside of bushings 7 3/4 inches. Their are no markings on them except a Firm Feel decal.
The large factory arms measure about the same.
I know they are not A-Body.
Firm feel told me the tubular ones are B & E body.
I would like to sell the large arms, but don't know what they are. Any one here know,???.


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