When Plymouth released their new “Duster” back in 1970, it was considered to be a cheap, sporty coupe that the average working class family could afford; a lower priced, somewhat smaller alternative to the Plymouth ‘Cuda and Plymouth Road Runner. Based on the A-body platform, the Duster provided the compact-sized Plymouth Valiant with a sporty body style to attract new and younger customers to the brand. While the bulk part of Dusters were equipped with either a lowly Slant 6 or 318 V8 engine, the top dog of the Duster line-up was the Duster 340. The Duster 340 was equipped with a light, high-winding 340 small block and was marketed by the brand as “America’s First Super-Low-Priced Supercar”. Because they were marketed as low priced but fast, many Duster 340s lived a hard life and were driven into the ground. Most were driven hard and put away wet; eventually ending up meeting a sad demise at the junkyard.

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