[u]"What's so bad about auto on col. and bench seat cars?"

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! And few if anyone, back in the day, got their panties in a bunch like some do today about it. Most of the time you got your butt kicked by that granny, girlymatic combo so you had little bad to say about it. Less option costs and to the point for a street racer. Bad enough that the Hemi option was almost 1/3 of the cost of the base car price and then adding options only for bling like a fake wood grain console and high grade interior with chrome armrest bases with ashtrays, etc., that added no performance. The barebones mid-size, low cost, big block Mopar muscle cars are what put Mopar on the youth map back in the day and there were thousands of column shift, bench seats that helped that and I'm grateful for all of them. Mopar or no car regardless of options IMO.


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