I absolutely hate asking this question, but here it goes.

I can't get the door glass to align with A pillar and top weatherstriping/roof. I can only do one or the other!!!

If I align the Vent wing with the A pillar, then the back side of the glass is to high/ misaligned with the roof weatherstrip.

If I get the glass to run parallel with the roof weatherstrip, the vent trim is at an angle with the A pillar. Small gap at the lower corner against the door and a large gap at the top.

I purchased glass channel weatherstrip and guides. Which aligns the side glass in the vent channel.

I asked some locals but they aren't familiar with this problem.

This is somewhat embarrassing that a piece of glass has outwitted me.

I NEED SOME CHOCOLATE, maybe a large bag of Nestles Chocolate Chips.

With a chocolate milk chaser.

This is really irritating, something so simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!