Well, I have just made a decision that will be affecting the course of day to day business beginning now and will continue for approximately the next three to four months for JS Restorations. I will not be accepting any new business for short term restoration work during this time.

JSR has reached a capacity level that will require some new work down time to concentrate on completing existing orders. No part restoration orders have or will ever be compromised to increase speed at the cost of diminishing quality.

Also, JSR will be discontinuing any plastic work orders, being restorations or custom made items including grilles, gauge clusters, switch panels, heater control panels, radio panels or radio face plates. Again, all existing orders will be completed.

I will consider accepting new electrical restoration work that will have a longer range turn around window during this period. A for instance would be a car going through an entire restoration process where electrical work can be scheduled with a negotiated completion date.

Once these current orders are completed, I will make another announcement when a “business as usual” mode is back in place. I will have some new items that I will be offering for restoration, too.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank all of the clients with current orders and those with completed orders and the referrals to their friends. This has truly been a blessed experience to serve each and every one of you.