Nothing new to show with this post, but it is time to draw a line in the sand.

For all of past, continuing and future clients, JSR has always tried and will continue help troubleshoot electrical issues to determine, before buying any parts, whether the electrical issue(s) may be causing a certain problem or problems that a restored part may not necessarily correct.

For instance it could be something as simple as corrosion and grounding can cause many strange issues. Again I will be glad to help anyone with a stock Mopar setup. Try getting that type of support from on line auction site sellers.

However, JSR will no longer support via email or phone any of these universal aftermarket wiring kits, aftermarket switches or aftermarket gauges being installed into a Mopar. If or when tech support is required, please contact the vendor who sold you any of those items in question.

Here’s another for instance original Mopar parts scenario. There is a reason why Chrysler engineered headlight and wiper switches with internal circuit breakers, instead of in line fuses.

Thank you for your understanding.