It’s been a while since an update, so I thought I would post these couple of pictures. This pile of plastic needed turned back into a grille and is what I started with…

To date, I have the grille test fitted with the headlight doors and surround trim mounted. I have about a month’s wait before the body shop will have the metal mounting frame available for that test fit, before finishing. Yes, two vertical bars are missing on purpose at the center bottom. Later, it will become clear why they are not installed at this time.

Usually, I show pictures from the very beginning of what is received, disassembled, restoration of individual parts, to the completed item that is returned to the client. This grille will be no different, once completed. I will show the detail pictures along the way.

Although I really enjoy reconstructing and restoring grilles, after this one is completed, I will no longer be accepting any grilles. They demand too much time to produce. So, I thought I would end with one of the most iconic Mopars and one of my most favorites, a 1968 Dodge Charger R/T. And yes, It's got a Hemi!

Why I am showing these pictures now is to really say how much I appreciate the current client JSR orders that have encountered a delay while I tried to squeeze this in. I want to say THANK YOU to all for your patience.