Nice work..!

Can you list what items you restore?

I see grilles and a lot of electrical..lol

Do you do the plating?

It's nice to see original parts restored rather than just the repop option...

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

I usually chat with the owner and discuss what their needs and goals are then I will give an estimate. I really don’t have a price list due to needing to see what needs restored and what condition the part is in. I use a commercial plating service for dichromate, clear zinc and black oxide. If someone asks for something that I don’t provide a service for, I am glad to make recommendations to the owner of people that special in a particular service or part for restoration.

I am asked a lot about the differences between searching for NOS electrical parts or restoring their parts. First off, you can never be sure how a forty to fifty year old part was stored over time. Those parts can have as much corrosion as the parts installed on the car. Second, who will accept a NOS electrical part for return that may not work properly? You can’t blame them. Once installed, it really isn’t NOS any longer. Third the cost. NOS electrical parts can command “unobtainium” prices. My restoration work costs less restore what you already have than chasing NOS Mopar parts, too.


DR = Delco Remy (ironically a GM owned company)

Hey Scott, you just had to spell DR out!
Delco Remy? Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch…

Here is an example since I just posted this restored DR1114447 next to a NOS DR1114421 fast idle solenoid for comparison.