I promised that I would soon be offering B body restored switches. Here are some prototype restored rallye switches. I only use the word “prototype” because I have some tooling and chroming details to resolve. Non rallye switches will be offered after these.

The 68-69 dash dimmer switches will offered with custom made 302 stainless steel resistor coils.

I was extremely disappointed with the first vacuum metalized plating service company that produced poor results and cost me more time and dollars than I care to mention. I will not comment, please don’t ask.

An extremely respected vacuum metalizing resource is now working with me. I look forward to being able to offer these knobs as original as possible.

My goal is to be able to offer my restored switches with the option of vacuum metalized knobs just the way they came from the factory or plastic chromed knobs.

I have a pair of NOS dash dimmer switches at the end to show what NOS, after 40+ years at premium prices, really pays for.

More to come. Stay tuned…