While attending the16th Annual All Mopar Winter Swap Meet in Columbus, Ohio on February 26, I had the pleasure of meeting Rob Wolfe. I introduced myself and mentioned that I had started a business restoring Mopar parts. Also mentioned that I had advertised previously in MCG and asked if he had any ideas about promoting JSR in MCG. I showed him a 2770380 variable speed wiper switch that he gave a close look to and asked if I had anything else with me. I pulled out a 2947713 dash dimmer switch and a 2947305 headlight switch. He took them, turned over a poster board for a white background and started snapping pictures. He stated that he wanted to run a press release on JS Restorations in the next month’s issue and that someone would be in touch. Within a week, Randy Holden called, did a phone interview and here is the outcome in the June 2011 issue.