Thank you, Jules. It's been a slow recovery and pretty much recoverd now.

I just completed these ten 2770380 variable speed wiper switches for the Cudas and Challengers. This is the most I have restored at one single time and they are all spoken for.

Three of these are going overseas. One will be on it's way to Norway, one to Australia and one to New Zealand! I really do enjoy trying to help and admire their drive to restore a Mopar. Parts can be hard enough to find just in the States.

In the future, I will only be offering these 2770380 with a core exchange. If you do have this type of switch and would like to sell, please send me an email with a few pictures and a price.

Here's a short video clip showing how I test these through an E body dash harness and three speed wiper motor. The light simulates the washer motor power. Just click on the image above to view.