surely someone out there is familiar w/ something like this???

while I have not done any 50's mopars the princapal of using a nova/camero frontend is still the same.
I have put a nova unit under a 36 dodge for a guy and used them under a few 48 chevy PU's and panal trucks. they worked out good in those cars and trucks

if you already have one then I would use it, they are a little harder to do than a fatman unit but they are much cheaper if you already it.

they can be mounted to the stock chassis a little higher to make the car set lower and not have to get dropped spindles.

I would measure the width of the stock frame and the nova and see how close they are to mate up.

I usally cut the subframe about a foot past the A arms or right where it turns down.

but I have seen guys just use the whole subframe and weld it under their frame. pesonally I like to make them flow into the stock frame Ron...