as i don't have scales [or know anyone around here that does] to set corner weights, do you have any suggestions as to the best way to tighten up the end links ?
as my car is just a street cruiser, and an occasional airport drag race event, it really doesn't need to handle like a slot car.
as an aside, way back when i first got this car running [early in 1972], i had bias ply formula one super stock tires on it. F-60 front, L-60 rear.
at that time, it seemed to corner very well, having just the factory front bar and end links.
after the car was brought back out from long term storage, radial tires were installed. 245-60 front, 275-60 rear.
everything else the same, and the cornering of the car fell way off !
i blamed it on the radial tires soft sidewall, compared to the formula one tires.
to get the cornering back to being comparable to before, i would need to go to very large wheels and very short sidewall tires. i don't like that look, so i know the cornering ability won't be very good.