[Please pay attention to the engine being in the correct location and two parts of the transmission being forward by 1/2"

I recently installed a rebuilt 318 and 727 in my 76 D100 2wd SWB. The truck originally had a different 318/727. My issue started with the crossmember mount not lining up with the through bolt. It is too far forward by 1/2". Initially I was thinking the whole engine/trans needed to be shifted to the rear more. Looking at the distributor cap verifies that the engine is definitely in the right location so it must be the trans mount, right? The engine mounts are in the exact same location that the original was.

I bought this Korean trans mount from Rock Auto where there are no reviews. So I went to Summit to find a different brand and I saw they also carry the Korean (Anchor brand) mount with terrible reviews. Looking at the reviews confirms that these are terrible but I didn't read any reviews with my particular bolt hole location issue.

Marching on, I called my Dad and he is sending me the original mount that came off the truck. He took the original 318/727 out of state to where he lives. I will just put a new bushing in the mount.
Sooooo, continuing, while I wait for the mount in the mail I decided to put on the trans cooler lines. What do you know, the fittings are too far forward by 1/2" too! I had to make a little bend in the cooler line to get the flare nut to be in the right position for the fitting.

I am stumped. It just seems that the tailshaft is forward 1/2" due to the mount and cooler fittings both being forward. The trans was rebuilt and in a B-body so it is a long tailshaft. To my knowledge th truck tail is the same, other than the car version having the floor shifter mounting ears. The trucks takeout 727 did not have the floor shifter ears but this current one does. I have never heard of there being two different length long tailshafts.

Anyone have knowledge of this? Is it just coincidence that the lines are long and the Korean mount is of poor quality? Is there a 1/2" difference in truck and car "long tailshafts"?

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