I’ve been looking at all the new trucks and I seem to keep coming back to this model for some reason. Has decent options and pretty affordable. How is the 5.7 HEMI? Any known issues I should be aware of? I’ve had the 6.4 HEMI in previous SRT 392 Challengers, and currently own a 6.2L HellCat Widebody Challenger.

Gas mileage decent? I think the window sticker said 17/22 MPG. I thought it was better than that but I must be thinking of the EcoBoost motor on the F-150’s I was testing.

If anyone owns the Sport model, Big Horn model or 1-2 yr model older I’d like to hear some advice or feedback with your experiences. All I need is a 2WD, don’t need a 4X4 setup for what I’m doing. This is probably more truck than I really need, but the deals are good on them. Thanks in advance.

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