Up until 1970 nobody was making many 15 inch tyres!

I remember being in LA about 15 years ago and I saw a set of 32 inchers on a 4x4.
Things change over the years and guys/gals who stick to 14 inchers are probably are just trying to be true to 60's muscle!

If you are going to fit 1970 single piston disc brakes/calipers then its gotta be a 15 incher I'm afraid... wrench
The old kelsey four pots are a 'mare' at the best of times... realcrazy

Gotta keep it realistic, and make life easy for yourself. drive

Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero, thanx Horace!

There’s no point trying to fix stuff that ain’t broke,,, 'but if ain’t broke',,, you is not trying hard enough...