Up until 1970 nobody was making many 15 inch tyres!

I remember being in LA about 15 years ago and I saw a set of 32 inchers on a 4x4.
Things change over the years and guys/gals who stick to 14 inchers are probably are just trying to be true to 60's muscle!

If you are going to fit 1970 single piston disc brakes/calipers then its gotta be a 15 incher I'm afraid... wrench
The old kelsey four pots are a 'mare' at the best of times... realcrazy

Gotta keep it realistic, and make life easy for yourself. drive

Avatarcar is a STREET-LEGAL 69 Dart 547ci ran 8.30 @ 175 MPH on pump gas...

we are all OLD now, just waiting for the post COVID era to start...