a buddy is having issues with a 500 series power box in his car.
it has 5 1/2 degrees positive caster, 1 1/2 degrees negative camber, and 1/8" toe in.
the box is new and has a good feel to it, however, he is constantly steering it, like it has no caster on center.
you can make a slight correction [right or left] to stay in your lane, but it seems to keep [slightly] slowly correcting, then it's the opposite correction, then rinse and repeat.
i have driven this car on all kinds of road surfaces, and this gets old pretty fast.
we did a quick pressure test on the pump and it puts out over 1200psi.
could this be a too high of a pressure, or too much fluid flow problem, or a bad box ?
you would think with this much caster it should go straight as a string. shruggy
we have not tried to cut back the pump pressure yet, or tried different alignment specs.
he claims the control arms are against the mounting surface[es], so therefore no shims can be removed to take out any camber.
i would think if a shim was placed in the front mounting points, caster would increase and camber would decrease.
maybe a little more toe in would help ?
all parts are new, and there is no play in anything.
this is just a street car with a conversion to power steering from a manual box, but is a baffling problem for us.
we have, for over 50yrs, converted other cars to power steering, and this is a first for us.
hopefully, you guys can help !
Thanks In Advance guys ! bow