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OK , im going to say it again, why bash people like this. Again this is a small business and the guy cant stay on the phone all day.... ITs got to be so hard to run/produce a product and work the phone at the same time. YES i had an experience with COPE. At the time i had exploded a 727 and called him for advise/possible purchase. He was honest and explained to me that the T400 was actually a better trans for what i was going to do. NOW I KNOW THE MOPAR COMMUNITY WILL HAVE A MELTDOWN OVER THAT>>>>> but it is what it is. He explained to me that he could build a 727 that would live, but it would be more vulnerable in terms of sprag breakage with a small tire no wheelie bar car over a similar built t400. He is the on that directed me to Rossler. The man was easy to talk to and gave me some great advice. AND he made no sale.

Again, give these guys a break. The smaller businesses , they have some real challenges facing them (Covid19). YES i know customer service is number one, but in the racing specialty parts market, you need to have a balance and sometimes the product IS more important than the service. You just have to be patient

Bashing because he is putting crap out there has nothing to do with being a small business. Can't put the right parts in a tranny? Seriously???? And then cop an attitude????

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