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You would have to have almost Pro level funding just for the transportation and travel alone. It would be very hard to run that series with any sort of job either....so much for Street racing....

If they can swing it, AND pull some locals in the mix to take a swing....WHY NOT??

Wonder if Bob is “all in” on this deal.... pretty grueling schedule for sure.

Anyone realize JJ and his merry band of racers have been booking races at tracks all over.... and packing the house!!

Makes me wonder if the fuel car guys would attract these crowds if they were still “allowed” to match race.....

I definitely tune into these races a lot more than the so called “pros”.... but if they stay on track with the “team” crap, it’s going to kill it for me. Handicap Kayla going to rnd 2 on freebies got pretty old.

We are all in but this is going to be expensive and grueling. I got a little sick to my stomach when the schedule came out but I know this will separate the men from the boys. We are completely self funded and get no money at all from the show. I am 100% committed to this season but unless I get some help we'll be out for anything further.

With the TV exposure audience numbers I see over 1 million, you should be able to get some $$$$ assistance. This may sound off the wall but with this being an election year you could approach some PAC's or even the political party?
Have you approached major corps with an exchange agreement or sponsorship in kind where no money changes hands? Some smaller companies would do that before writing a check.
Good Luck and keep that Hemi up front.


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