Reading through the Dave Wise reference manual, Restoration and Judging Guidelines, he mentions that the ebody rear license plate bracket (P/N 3445763) was a one-year only part used only in 1970. According to the manual, the 1970 bracket had both the left and right sides of the bracket turned "up" along the sides of the license plate. Guessing this lead to finger cuts, etc., the bracket was redesigned for the 1971 - 1974 years where the sides of the bracket were turned "down" toward the tail panel.

I have performed the 2nd restoration on my AAR 'Cuda. My license plate bracket appears to be original to the car but has the redesigned (1971) license plate bracket. I know due to the late production of the AAR's T/A's, many parts that some of these cars received were for the 1971 production year (washer bottles, wheel trim rings, etc.).

My question is, can someone who has a "original" AAR or T/A please look at their rear license plate bracket and tell me if you have the 1970 bracket or the redesigned 1971 bracket.