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I’ll guess most on here posting they paid off early didn’t manage to build their accounts while paying off the house. Loss of wealth and will expect freebies when they can’t work anymore.

You might be correct?...but some of us aren't expecting "freebies" when we retire, I learned extremely early in life to rely on no one other than oneself to prosper... I provided for my family, they never went without, I always put myself last, yet I managed to pay off my 30 yr mortgage 10 yrs early, provide for my wife to go back to school to earn a degree, as well as my daughter, payed off all student loans, my own, wife's and daughter's, as well as invest in company/corporate stock, and maintain a constant maximum contribution to my 401K, carry no debt/loans and live by the "cash only" credo .... I expect very little "freebies" from social security


We could be brothers....always put myself last to a fault, 4 kids went to college debt free, supported my mother after my dad died, worked whatever hours it takes. It really pisses me off when someone calls whatever social security or medicare I get, if there is any left, a "freebie", I have paid more than a million in taxes and health insurance so I do not see it as a "freebie". I paid cash for my business, cash for my last house, cash for my new cars, fully fund iras, bought stock when it was at 6666, made sure my girls had 100k before they left home, never borrow ever. My great grandfather was a european war immigrant, died when I was nine. The one thing I will never forget is he said never rent, and never borrow against your property, there are better ways. Owned property gives you options, bank owned limits options. Cash only for us or do without. I never planned on soc security to support me, but plan on taking it if any is left, it will be my vacation money after paying in for 50 years good lord willing.