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My opinion only but for those of us with Depression Era parents - we heard the stories and learned how to try and prevent them from affecting our families firsthand.

i grew up around my grand parents, plus my aunts and uncles, who went through the depression.
i therefore throw nothing away if it can be put to another use [that can be a whole 'nother problem in itself ! biggrin], drive a 99 caravan [used as a truck, with cheaper tags] fix everything i can myself, and over the years have taught myself to rely on my skills and a few very close friends to be able to survive the times at hand.
if i want something, i save for it.
i never made much money my entire career as a CNC machinist, but it was a good salary for this area. i saved as much as i could while paying all my bills and taxes on time.
being retired for some time now, i take advantage of the "homestead exclusion" on my property and school taxes this area offers, and plan on using up my savings by the time i croak.
it is what it is, and i don't complain because i have health issues.

however, some game the system [ALL income groups !] and that is NOT right !
others NEED to go through a depression and learn some valuable life lessons.