Hello Folks,

It has been business, as usual, with JS Restorations.

Obviously, there are some technical difficulties with the loss of pictures on this entire thread. I have been in touch with Photobucket and have been assured that all of my uploaded images are fine. However, Photobucket is working on finishing some major network issues that have occurred on their end.

If anyone is looking for something specific, please feel free to contact me via phone: 1.412.295.1333 EST or via email: jsrestorations@rocketmail.com

Hopefully, this will be resolved quickly.

Thank you for your understanding.


Photobucket Team (Photobucket Support)
Jan 3, 2:05 PM MST
Our team has nearly resolved all site issues caused by the outage, however, some accounts are still experiencing issues. Unfortunately, your account is one of the accounts that are still affected. Our team has been working non-stop to resolve all remaining site issues.

We currently don't have an estimated time when these issues will be fixed but we are hoping that this will be resolved as soon as possible. We'll reach back out to you once we have an update. Again, our apologies for the inconvenience this is causing you.