All our local suppliers are selling the same make of seals these days. I have not been having a great experience with this name aftermarket brand seal in a wide variety of applications.
On my 3500, I was having continual axle seal failure on the 11.5 aam rear end. I always buy more than one seal to have spares on the shelf. Having spares of brand x led to
having to continually change the axles seals every 3-4 months before I went back to buying oem seals for the rear end. There is no visual failure to the aftermarket seals, they just
start leaking. I compared the aftermarket seal to the OEM and noticed that the oem has a thin brown greese on the seal lip to seal sleave. I tried pre-lubing the aftermarket seal to mimic
the oem seal, same result as before, short seal life. I am thinking that thin lube on the oem seals is some sore of engineered seal conditioner and lubricant to keep the seal alive long term.
I have had oem seals on the rear end for over a year now, no leaks.
Replaced the rear housing extension housing seal on the srt-10 with brand x replacement about 5 months ago, doing it again today.
I have a gearbox I serviced for a customer, used brand x seals in that, can't keep seals in it, leaks after 4-5 weeks.
I think aftermarket can make a seal that for the most part is dimensionally correct, but the secret is in the seal material to lubricant interaction.
When I was at the dealer to get rear diff oil for the Viper, they were short of the gear oil for it. The parts guy asked one of the techs about using an equivalent oil in it, he said not to unless
I wanted to look forward to rear end leaks. He said mopar spec oils have specific blends for seal compatibility.
The weirdness is the oem seals so far been cheaper than the aftermarket, the only problem is I have to wait for them to be shipped to the dealer.