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Don't do this.
It is played out. Overdone. NO longer cool.

So is red LOL smile

Okay, I'll play along with that.
Before the Charger, I had never owned a red car. MY '84 Chevy truck was red but all of my cars then and prior were other colors. I wanted red for this car.
After the paint, after the build, I started seeing RED on many other cars. For awhile in 2015, I considered a color change to B-5 Blue. Yeah...I considered stripping the car down and changing the color entirely. I still ,love the blue.
To make nice with the crowd, I'll concede that those that already have the satin paint are exempt from my opinions...They chose their colors when the trend was on the upswing.
Bell Bottoms and tye dye was really cool at one time and in some cases still is BUT I respect the pioneers more than the guys that jump on a trend too late.
Oh, just to annoy John...Destroyer Gray ?? I see these cars in that color and just cannot see the appeal. It looks like clearcoat over gray primer. Is this a Military sort of thing? You guys see the cars in the gray and reminisce about time in the service? If so, I respect the service but gag at the color!
Your car, your choice but jeez....

Well in my case it would of been OD green. I consider myself annoyed grin