The stories I heard about the choice on WW2 bombers from the crews was that the B24 was better, safer and better liked than the Flying Fortress B17 confused
I've seen pictures of both bombers with severe air frame damage surviving and returning to base with the crew. Some of those airplanes where canabilzed later for parts to keep other airplanes flying thumbs
I knew one B24 navigator who flew out of North Africa on bombing mission into Romaina to bomb the oil fields, I think they ended up being relocated to Italy to fly missions into Germany later shruggy
I can't remember the exact numbers I've heard of the B24 versus the B17 that flew combat missions in both theater, I do remember the B24 having a lot more airplane in services according to the story tellers years ago shruggy
I do think the B17 looked a lot better than the B24 did though work
My favorite WW2 fighter is the P38, my favorite medium bomber is both the B25 and B26, my favorite heavy bomber is the B29.

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