When I got my 37 Dodge coupe, it came with what I was told is a rear out of a 95 Camaro. It has coil springs. It is a project.

Problem is, the coil springs are NOT holding the frame high enough from the rear. Looks like a mis measure by previous owner.

Anyhow I need to correct it. How much clearance should I aim for between frame and rear axle housing? I will not get into notching the frame or anything like that. I will first try spacers between spring mounts and frame I guess. 2" and go from there. I don't want to have the rear sitting too high.

Not sure what my question is, but any advice ideas would be appreciated. Can coil springs be reworked to achieve extra height? Perhaps air shocks as well?

Pic attached of current ride height.

Also, the frame isn't touching the rear itself, but some added "rubber bumpers", which are about 2" thick. Also, if I lay under the rear of the car I can actually raise it by bench pressing it, so the springs must be helping quite a bit. I'm not that strong lol


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