Bought a used a833 that was very clean from a reputable parts seller in the industry. Popped the side cover and it looked nice and clean. I put new o rings, front bearing seal, and tailshaft seal. I got my trans seal done. It whines just a little on decel in all 4 gears. More in the lower gears. It’s nkt terrible but it hums/ whines a little. It shifts nice and stays in all gears. Idle in neutral with the clutch out it makes a little rattle. Is that the front bearing making that? Should I worry about it ? What a pain in the butt to pull it all back out. Or am I worrying about this for nothing? This is the first 4 speed I’ve ever swapped, mich less driven. So I don’t know what’s normal and what’s not. 90 weight Castro gear lube about 1/2” below the fill hole. Lube was a little foamy so I dropped the level from the fill hole to 1/2” below it. Thanks all.