OK I'll put this out here so my failure to work at a heated pace is better understood.

My sister had a stroke helping me with cleanup after the hurricane. I took her to ER and her BP was 278/174, crash carts, etc. came when we arrived. Since her release from the hospital she swelled up like sponge bob within 3 days and I had to get her to her primary care doc. From there we waited a month to get her in with a renal specialist who has diagnosed her with Stage Four End Stage Renal failure. He wanted to start her on dialysis but wants a biopsy of her kidneys. During her preop workup the anesthesiologist says she cannot be put under because she isn't getting enough oxygen to her blood. Now to a pulmonary specialist where they initially thought she had COPD, but she is far past that. Xrays were done about 10 days ago and they've found spots on her lungs and fluid around her heart and lungs. Today we go for a CT scan to see if the spots are possible cancer.

Being as swollen as she is, her legs don't bend and she has no stamina, strength, etc. She can't get into the tub alone, can't drive, can't stand long enough to cook or do her dishes. When my sister calls, as happens often right now, and says she's having issues, I have to jump and run and get her to one of her now four different doctors to see what's going on.

I apologize for the lateness of my work lately. Life has thrown big curves at me, I do the best I can and when I give an "estimate" of when a motor will be done, it's not an intentional lie, I think I have in my head and schedule when the work can be done and sometimes I get pulled away for a whole day running for ultrasounds, xrays, blood work, another specialist, another test, another procedure for my sister. She's the only sister, only sibling, I haveand now she's very ill and her body is shutting down. She's not worked since October, has no insurance and I'm dancing with the chaos. I wish things were different, probably more than anyone, but this is the hand I'm dealing with right now. I am the only person that works this business. I handle it alone, work it alone, get off schedule alone and honestly am doing the best I can currently. I'm not asking anyone else to take the blame or own my own crap. I don't like talking about this, putting it out for public consumption, but things are reaching a fever pitch, so here it is. Out in the open.

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