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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/25/19 10:28 AM
Great to See!!!
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Ebay / Craigslist / Racingjunk / WIW
04/25/19 10:16 AM
It is always interesting to see the knowledge of the Moparts members. All the minor details you guys notice from being around these cars. Like was said, all you are buying is a VIN tag and body numbers.
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Moparts Question and Answer
04/25/19 10:06 AM
I'm busy now to read all replies, but sometimes relays are not installed to handle loads but just to switch the source from one place to another place when triggered, keeping the source active ( i.e. headlight doors on electric concelead headlight systems ). Of course, the relay helps on the load issue at the same time
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Ebay / Craigslist / Racingjunk / WIW
04/25/19 09:58 AM
I’ve got two. One is in better shape than the other. Centers are different.

WIW and can someone educate me on the centers.
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Moparts General
04/25/19 09:38 AM
Good. It's about time.
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Moparts General
04/25/19 07:18 AM
Most part 3 holes are at or under 200 yards so I would say it's an eagle. Maybe not as difficult as others but still an eagle. Good for you. Me, I'm happy to make birdie once in awhile but I play very rarely. Not even once a year anymore.
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Moparts Question and Answer
04/25/19 07:18 AM
With factory AC your bottom pulley should have 4 grooves and your water pump pulley should have only one groove. Sounds to me like somebody cobbled something together there.
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Moparts Question and Answer
04/25/19 07:07 AM
Is the TP linkage a combination of components from various years? What carb? Does the carb have the correct Mopar throttle lever extension?

Sounds like a mismatch of parts is causing the problem.
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Moparts Question and Answer
04/25/19 06:58 AM
The 727 in the '62 full-sized cars (Chrysler, Imperial, Dodge 880) is unique because the parking brake is mounted on the rear of the tail housing like previous years. Last year for that on passenger cars. All other '62 models had the parking brake on the rear end and had a park mechanism inside the tail.
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Moparts General
04/25/19 06:56 AM
I know we have some golfers here. Opinions needed.

I played a course yesterday that had a VERY short par 4 - 250/240/220/190 for black/blue/white/red. I played from the whites all day and on that hole the flagstick was in the back so call it 230 from tee to hole.

The hole was normally longer but there was some construction that moved the tees up to those distances. The club adjusted the slope and rating of the course, and kept the hole a par 4.

I got a 2 on the hole. Technically, an eagle - but it doesn't feel like one. I've played par 3 holes just under that distance. I checked with the state (well, norcal) golf association and they said the re-worked course distances had been registered with them.

Still, I am not ready to crow about it (would be my 6th eagle and let me tell you I worked hard for those other ones).

So, opinions? Legit eagle or nah.
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Moparts General
04/25/19 06:52 AM
You Will Soon No Longer Need a Front License Plate in Ohio for the First Time in Decades.

I have some mixed feelings about this news but then again I grew up in PA and never had one until I moved to Ohio, I do like the front (and rear of course) personalized plates I have and had on my Mopars.

Funny story when I first moved to Ohio from Pennsylvania I was handed a new "plate" to put on a truck I was taking to Florida for a winter national motocross series. It was cold and the truck was park and running outside in cold December winter Ohio weather so I rushed to install the plate on the rear of the truck. I didn't think anything about just installing ONE license plate on the rear of a vehicle but thought it was odd that every other Ohio vehicle also had a front plate. Time goes by and Ohio changes license plate style and this time I'm handed two new plates, TWO plates just like on my now Ohio registered cars and truck. I take the old rear plate off of the company truck and toss them to the side and as it hits the ground the other plate that was stuck together on the back of the what I thought was only one flies apart and there WERE two plates all of the time.....both on the rear, Yeah that cold December winter of years before I installed BOTH license plates on the rear blush blush blush blush blush hammer grin What a dumb@$$ I was......still am biggrin

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Moparts Question and Answer
04/25/19 05:46 AM
Originally Posted by mopower440
Just got through rebuilding the front end of the dart and doing the home alignment on it so it will be good enough to get it to an alignment shop. Doing a bunch of reading on this and read that these cars like+1 degree of caster, but no matter how much adjustment I do on the upper control arm, I cant get the lower ball joint to sit ahead of the upper ball joint, so how can you get positive caster with stock bushings?

Adjustable lower struts will do it. Here is how I did my own car, wrong for most I am sure but it works. First I had the frame squared on a frame machine. I then used a plumb bob to mark center of each axle to floor, then plumb bob center of lower ball joint to floor and made a measurement between them. My wheelbase should have been 116, made it 116-1/4, that gave me the the 2 degrees I wanted, and lower ball ahead of upper like you need. The rear moog strut bushings were too thick for my car, 1970 b-body, factory rear bushing is thinner. I ended up with cut down prothane and cut down sleeves to get it right, and also founds struts varied by 1/8" in length. I found that some moog sleeves were too long also. I also found once you square up the car you find out real fast the k-frame is absolute junk, had to push mine around a little to get everything perfect. A torch, 5 lb hammer and a steel bar will get your stuff in shape. If you do not need the stock look just buy the adjustable strut rods and be done.
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Moparts General
04/25/19 05:44 AM
I'll be there with sunscreen. Autocross time!
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/25/19 04:45 AM
This is a game changer for sure. I run a stock case torqueflite in my twin turbo car and the thought of going to a turbo 400 makes me cringe. I sure hope this comes to market. I know I will buy two.
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Moparts General
04/25/19 04:31 AM
Best days of my life were eating a roach coach burrito watching F-16 and F-15 launch from my bread van delivering parts.
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Gen III Hemi Tech
04/25/19 04:23 AM
Thanks for your reply. I was thinking of installing an ATI Procharger. Anyone have comments on this brand? Thank you.
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Moparts A Body
04/25/19 04:01 AM

I am looking for a good clean used or NOS 2537802 Power Steering Hose if anyone has one.I'll gladly pay market prices.

Thanks! Scott
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Corners Are Best - Handling Tech
04/25/19 04:00 AM
Not sure what your question is. Were you actually expecting a whole pile of aftermarket parts to fit together? On my car projects I spend 90% of the time trying to figure out how to get the new parts I just bought to fit and work.
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Moparts Question and Answer
04/25/19 03:53 AM
Originally Posted by dodgefarmer
Push down. Turn CCW.


Thanks that worked. There was some corrosion built up on the contacts so I had to push a little harder than I thought but in the end it came apart okay. Now I just need to figure out how to take everything else apart in there!
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Moparts Question and Answer
04/25/19 03:50 AM
Hollander interchange book says most everything car related from 62 thru 64 with a 383, 413 or 426 has a trans that will work in a 62 Imperial. Even console shift trans works if valve body and separator plates are interchanged. Hollander interchange number is 747. I'm not gonna be any more specific because they list versions from A thru F, and say not to use A or B (361 & 383 Dodge/Plymouth, 2 bbl Chrysler's) because they are lighter duty, even though they will still fit. Talk to a tranny specialist, but you are not up a creek just yet.
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Moparts General
04/25/19 03:49 AM
Originally Posted by Sunroofcuda
I used to watch Warthogs fly out there from 1984-1991.

...which also can put on one hell of a show.
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Ebay / Craigslist / Racingjunk / WIW
04/25/19 03:47 AM
Looks kinda sun baked to me. The tail gate usually tells the story. That one looks nice. Floor pan rot on those years is common. Doesn't look beat up or rotted. Third pedal ready. Ad says OBO. Send the rear bumper and slant to China and toss the hemi setup back on CL.

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Ebay / Craigslist / Racingjunk / WIW
04/25/19 03:26 AM

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

A rusty as all get out truck that comes with a late hemi that needs a rebuild. Even at $1700, is that a deal?

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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/25/19 03:24 AM
"Why aren't you wanting use it?"

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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/25/19 03:21 AM
Jack Lalean is still alive and shaving weight smoke
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