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Moparts Restoration & A12 Forum
04/18/19 06:22 AM
Originally Posted by cataclysm80
Yes, the SE trim is different from the standard vinyl top trim.
Also, the SE trim mounts a little further down from the back window I believe.


Actually, the SE trim mounts further up towards the back window.
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/18/19 06:08 AM
Which circuits are you wanting to know about?
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/18/19 06:07 AM
I'm thinking of going pro charger in the next couple of years & was thinking making it port injection efi. I have this idea in my head of using a dual 4bbl low rise manifold, weld stubs onto the ports to drill out for the injectors, make a plenum box over the top of the carb flanges & adapting a throttle body on the front. Edlebrock make a manifold that i quite like, except its for an RB motor & i have a B block. So, not being afraid of fabricating my own parts, I was wondering if my plan is fessible. I have my own gear to port heads so i could cut open all the plenum space under the carb flanges to make a bigger plenum, do any pro chager guys on here think this is a project worth persueing? I just dont want an agricultural bent pipe poking into the top of my carb. my engine already sits quite high, i'm trying to keep it low & stealthy. Opinions from any that know are greatly appreciated.
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/18/19 06:04 AM
I use the Pioneer brand, never had a loose ones yet (100+ so far)with no cam installed and driving it into place with a stock iron gear and shaft shruggy scope up
I have seen wear marks on the shafts after running the motors on a engine dyno with a Milidon gear and shaft and the Milidon cast aluminum oil pump using their two external oil line and swinging pickup system shruggy
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/18/19 06:01 AM

hi !

toruueflight 3898866

need year and would like original app. if any one can look it up.

my books only go to 74 soooo?

thank you !
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Moparts Question and Answer
04/18/19 05:57 AM
Do you know what the amp rating is on your amp meter? Is the 78 amp alternator a newer Mopar replacement factory type or a after market one?
If Mopar type try reading the voltage at the output side of the alternator on the big wire going back to the battery with the motor revved up above 2500 RPM and see if the voltage output increases scope Is the alternator belt real tight or not? If not tight, tighten it up so it is wrenchtwocents
Let us know what you find up
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/18/19 05:53 AM
57 a month ago raced some in the early 80s then we know the rest of the story, she caught my eye we raised 2 boys built a house, race car went to the back of the garage. Boys are out and gone now it is time to start again, Oh and she has kept me around for 35 years kind of like an old race car you keep it around cause you know all the rattles and noises they make.
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Moparts Race Cars / Parts/Tools/Trailers
04/18/19 05:35 AM
Bigs Performance 950 Stage 7 Carb. This carb started running rough, I took it off and had it rebuilt by a guy i know. Put is back on and same problem, don't have the time or patience to full with it. Paid over $750 for it. $400 o.b.o. My loss is your gain. Postal money order or Paypal if you cover the fees. Thanks for the ad.

Email me at for more info or pictures.
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Moparts Restoration & A12 Forum
04/18/19 05:28 AM
Thanks for the info.....I ordered the bracket from R/T Specialties!
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/18/19 05:18 AM
Originally Posted by BradH
Wow, we're a bunch of old mofos...

Some of us are younger than our age and some are older rolleyes I'm almost 63 with the mind of a 19 YO and the body of an 87 YO.
My years have not been kind to the body! I feel it slipping away,just can't do what I used to.SO,,,,I get my high with a coupla friends that take of the car for me and come to the track with their own cars and still help me out,real hard to do it myself like the ole daze!
Always been a street car with stock type suspension that has faster every year.My limit is 8.5 as that is what I'm legal to.

Picture from the cruise tonight.
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/18/19 05:17 AM
I'm 55. This is my second year of hiatus although I flew and crewed for some guys in 2018. My car needs a bunch of love and no dollars to spend there right now.
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/18/19 05:10 AM
Originally Posted by BradH
Wow, we're a bunch of old mofos...

Indeed! Thanks for starting this thread Brad. I used to think I was one of the oldest guys around here and now I see that I'm on the young end, YAAH! boogie Just turned 55 two days ago and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/18/19 05:08 AM
67 years of experience here, still racing but less every year it seems, most of the races I wanted to go to the last couple of years I didnt go because of my mothers health issues. Didnt have anyone else to help out. Will race a few times this year, running a few Nostalgia SS races, and a couple of bracket races. Going to miss a few since Im having at least one surgery, maybe 2. Still like racing, dont win many races, but almost always go several rounds. Used to live in Wyoming and bracket raced regularly at Salt Lake, Boise Id, and Vegas. Raced a lot more back then.
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/18/19 05:05 AM
I just changed the gate on my Cheetah shifter. I had to turn the Dedenbear bracket upside down and tap the shifter arm for a bolt to ram against. Had some bugs that got worked out in short order. I also run an upside down bracket on the PG so the shifter now front exits and shifts forward. The ratio is super important. I've seen multiple PG's that guys had the wrong ratio and it would work fine but Park wouldn't always engage. I just didn't want to re-fab the car and spend 400 bucks on a new shifter.
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/18/19 05:03 AM

I want one! Comes with line lock and trans brake!
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/18/19 04:42 AM
Brad how much did you spend on the tools?

I have always bought the mopar bushings, but I have about the best dealership for perfomance parts in the west (Glendora Dodge) close by.
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Moparts General
04/18/19 04:33 AM
I have 2+ acres of fenced land with oak trees, I borrow the neighbors horse to keep the grass down.
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Moparts General
04/18/19 04:30 AM
I like the color 😊
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Moparts Truck , Jeep & 4X4 Forum
04/18/19 04:25 AM
Changing fron a 9 1/4 to 8 3/4 in my 74. Need the brake hardline for the 8 3/4. Will aCbody line work or do I use the existing line and make it work?
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/18/19 04:16 AM
Originally Posted by sgcuda
Originally Posted by BradH
They're sweet, but you're not going to get one of those for $800, either.

Brad, I've seen some of the jewelry that you've built. You, of all people, know that you get what you pay for.

No argument on that point. However, I've wondered how good a carb I could build on the cheap, too. It doesn't have to look fancy to be effective.
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/18/19 04:11 AM
Wow, we're a bunch of old mofos...
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/18/19 04:09 AM
The only one that I could find locally today was a Pioneer. I don't know how much tighter it would get around the shaft after installation, but it's way too loose now. I think I'll order some Dura-Bonds because they're quite a bit less expensive than what I see the MP bushing listed for.
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Moparts Question and Answer
04/18/19 03:59 AM
My 40 amp alternator in my dart took a dump last night. I figured since I've added injection and electronic ignition, I would upgrade to the 78 amp alternator and the newer style voltage regulator. I do have the injection system, electronic ignition, and headlight system attached to the back of the alternator. I did add in the second field wire. Now my ammeter is pegged to the charging side, but the battery is only getting 12.8 volts. What could cause this? I do have another voltage regulator I could try. Could the field wires be plugged in wrong? Electrical is not my strong suit. Thanks!
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Moparts Question and Answer
04/18/19 03:54 AM
My first question would be "how loud"?
Had an unmolested original '69 RR about 20 years ago that had a little whine to it, at 130,000 miles it had never changed.
Had a molested hot rod Duster with a markedly louder whine from its 489 case at certain speeds and at decel, pulled it and the pinion depth was so far off it had eaten the outer diameter of the ring gear.
I think on that deal the guy just stood back and tossed the pinion in from across the room and called it good..!
I don't think a 742 can change its pinion depth from wear like a 489 can, but I could be wrong.
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Moparts Question and Answer
04/18/19 03:50 AM
Originally Posted by Fat_Mike

And the inscription on the intake in the picture says "Street"; there is no BB Strip Dominator.
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