I know that back when racing gas was cheap and easy to get back in the early '90's, I would put some in my 9.3 compression 440 and the car ran OK.

I did find that I had to reset the float levels in the carb though. The other thing I noticed was that the engine ran rougher and at a higher decibel with pump gas vs. race fuel.

Often I would fill the tank at the track with the lowest octane leaded race fuel and run the car. It was only a little more in cost per gallon at a U.S. track compared to what pump gas cost in Canada.

The car ran so smooth and quiet with race fuel that I could actually have a conversation with someone in the car. With pump gas there would be yelling back an forth. The benefits of leaded race fuel would last for several tanks it I topped off the tank with pump gas several times while driving it on the street. It seemed to work for a couple of weeks which proves that I only needed the lead or a minimum octane boost to keep the engine happy.

I wish they still made gas like that at an affordable price.
Too many cars, too many parts, too little coin, too little space to work in, too little time left to make it all happen! Update: down to one ride, still too many parts, a little more jingle in the pocket, gaining space, and it's going to happen this year!