Come on guys, we're all in this together. Lighten up and let them finish up their development and testing. You can't fault them for being excited and you have to admire them for investing so much time and money in this product. All they've done is post some 1st pass results. Of course there will be questions and more testing and likely another round after that.

They've not take any of your money and not delivered. They're posting about a new product that could be a great offering for us. If you don't like what you see here stop reading. If you've questions, ask as it appears Troy is taking it all in without getting defensive. If I were Troy I'd have been pretty upset by now with some of your comments.

I met Troy and his lovely wife this past week for the 1st time. We blasted and powder coated a Charger K frame and front suspension components for them.

They're a sincere, pleasant and enthusiastic couple doing what they obviously love. We talked at length about the project. My read is they are for real and are working their tails off to bring this thing to market. I'll sure buy when they're ready.

Now, feel free to attack me.

Here's a clue since you don't have one- they posted some wild claims. Totally untrue and anybody with a brain knew that. If you didn't like "the comments", then you were free to not read. Just like they were free to not post they got something like 40 HP more than long time industry standard ignition components.

Now they have walked it back to much more plausible numbers. Great. That does not however mean that questioning the baseless numbers in the original post was out of line. Your condescending tone is a joke. Since you say "feel free to not read and respond", we can be assured that you will sit the rest of this one out and not comment from your pious perch.

I guess since I don't have a clue, you'll need to explain to me how I could be pious but on a perch sounding condescending. Maybe it's the use of words longer than 4 letters long that's causing you trouble here. All I can say is I refuse to have a battle of wits with an obviously unarmed person.
Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way